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2020 San Luis Valley Pride Art Show

Thank you for your interest in the SLV PRIDE Art Show.

Our commitment at SLV PRIDE is to recognize, embrace and celebrate the differences that make us all unique. So for 2020, we bring you our first - but not last - SLV PRIDE Art Show. These talented LGBTQ+ artists and allies are coming together to present the artistic talent of the San Luis Valley community.

To keep in mind the current restrictions of COVID-19, this art show will run the entire month of August at Milagros Coffee House in Alamosa. Please take a moment to appreciate all the artists’ hard work and talent, and thank you again for helping us recognize all the talent here in the San Luis Valley.

Our featured artists:


Makinzie Dorsey - Makinzie was born in Seattle and raised in Blanca. They work with multimedia, using
paint, gel pen, ink pen, markers, pencil and coloring pencils. Makinzie’s mom inspires them to be an artist,
and as a result studied art in high school. Makinzie’s goals as an artist is to be free, be yourself, and don’t be
afraid to shine. For more information, please contact Makinzie at

Kacey Gambrell - Kacey was born in Torrance, CA and grew up in Falcon, CO. She works with acrylic
paint and mixed media, and earned a BA in Studio Arts from Adams State University, with emphasis areas in
drawing, painting, fibers and design. Her goal is to show people they aren’t alone in the obstacles they face,
and to encourage self-love and acceptance of others. For more information, please contact Kacey at


Nancy Harris - Nancy  was born in Monterey Peninsula, CA, and studied art in Santa Barbara, CA.  She is a mixed media artist who uses paper, paint and found objects to create her original abstract collages. Harris typically starts with a blank canvas or sheet of watercolor paper, and then builds up layers of material, such as stained tea bags, acrylic paint and paper, using a gel medium for adhesive. The resulting collages are colorful, complex and playful. Her artwork has been shown in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. What Nancy loves about the collage process is the opportunity to work and experiment with both traditional and non-traditional media. She enjoys the challenge of solving the puzzle that each new piece presents and working out the right arrangement of materials, colors, textures and composition. For more information, please contact Nancy at


Reiko Meyers  - Reiko was born in Paonia, Colorado, and graduated with a BA from Adams State. She works in digital, ink, markers and woodblock frequently, but also dabbles in many other mediums. Her art has been shown at the Main Street Studio, as well as the Hatfield Gallery at Adams State. Reiko says, “I like telling stories with pictures. Each of my projects have different aims, but my overall theme I try to convey is to embrace the differences around you and your life will be fuller and more interesting.” For more information, please contact Reiko at or go to Facebook at  


Isabel Munson - Isabel was born in Forsyth, GA and is currently a student at Adams State University. Isabel works with photography, and says it keeps them alive and inspired.  “A lot of my work focuses on this idea of wearing a mask and not being able to be your authentic self. My childhood and young teenage hood growing up in a small town in Georgia, I faced a lot of pushback around being gay before I even knew what the word “gay” meant. Now living in Alamosa and being a part of the community, I have faced similar pushback, but unlike being a little alone kid in Georgia, here in Alamosa I have a community and I feel strong, accepted and loved. Their work has been seen in numerous art shows. Their favorite quote: “Find out exactly who you are and do it on purpose!” - Dolly Parton  For more information, please contact Isabel at


Shannon Powers - Shannon was born in Virginia and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and came to the San Luis Valley three years ago to work at La Puente through AmeriCorps. She has been creating with film and digital photography for the past ten years, and since the pandemic began, has been teaching herself web design, graphic design, and graphic merchandise. “In regards to my photography, I am hoping to convey a time and place - I want people to feel visually captivated and overwhelmed by the landscapes shaped by our Mother Earth.” She is inspired by the earth beneath her feet and the raw emotions that she feels within herself. This is her first art show. Her favorite quote is : “When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to this land.” - Native American Proverb. For more information, please contact Shannon at or go to their website at

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